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The Tuition Centre specialises in tutoring upper school students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Our commitment to the students in our centre, our unique approach and extraordinary results set us apart from other tutoring and educational organisations.

Our tutoring is based on some simple ideas.

Improved scores are only a small measure of our success. The change in attitude, confidence and enthusiasm, which we witness over and over again in our students, is by far the most satisfying reward.

Charlie Watson, a very experienced high school teacher, leads the Mathematics and Science team of tutors. Apart from over 30 years experience teaching Mathematics in a range of schools, Charlie has been a ATAR marker for the past 15 years and regularly runs professional development courses for teachers.

He is director of WA Exam Papers which publish trial ATAR exam papers used by nearly all WA schools and also presents ATAR revision seminars to students in many of the state's top schools every year. Charlie is a Graphics and CAS Calculator Consultant to Casio Education.

We offer tuition across the full range of current ATAR upper school Mathematics Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 courses.

We also tutor in general and extension Year 10 Mathematics.

English and Literature
Michele Watson is an experienced secondary school English and Literature teacher and a current director of the centre and WA Exam Papers. She tutors Units 1- 4 for Years 11 and 12 and is also available to tutor Year 10. Michele has current experience as a writer for WA Exam’s English and Literature trial papers. She has also been a WACE marker (Literature) and her background includes contractual work as a WACE reviewer, examiner and curriculum writer. She has co-authored published educational resources and has presented ATAR revision seminars. Michele’s approach to tutoring is focused on curriculum but also encourages strategic planning, creativity and research.

We offer tuition across the full range of ATAR English and Literature Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 courses.

Other Subjects
We also offer specialist tuition in the several other ATAR subjects, including Chemistry and Physics. Please contact us on 9284 3004 for an up to date listing.

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Hourly tutoring sessions are always one-on-one at The Tuition Centre, where our relaxed and comfortable environment creates a stimulating approach to learning. Please call reception now on 9284 3004 to see if we can meet your tuition needs.